Unlock the Earning Potential of Personal Chef Services.

Create a six-figure business in less than a year!

Achieve Rapid Growth in 6 Months or Less!


Accelerate Your Business Launch to 2 Weeks!

Uncover the Essential Secrets to Success and Start Your Personal Chef Business with Confidence!

Start with a Strong Foundation for Your Business

Lay the Groundwork for Success and Ensure Long-Term Viability without wasting days, weeks, or years of doing things the wrong way.

Effortlessly Promote Your High-Level Personal Chef Service

Maximize Visibility and Reach Your Target Audience Leveraging Chef Jessica's Proven Marketing Strategies.

Retain Clients for Years to Come

Learn How to Build Lasting Relationships and Foster Customer Loyalty through High-Level Service and Care.

Discover the Value of This Program


How Can You Earn Revenue as a Personal Chef?


Who are the Different Types of Clients as a Personal Chef?


Creating Your Menus for Customization and Long-Term Satisfaction


Packaging, Labeling, and Heating Instructions


Tools and Equipment for Your Chef Business


Time Management and Food Safety Principles


Pricing Your Chef Services


The Legalities of Your Business


Establishing an Online Presence


Marketing for Long Term Success

And let's not forget the BONUSES!

These are just a few of the bonuses included. You will have access to done-for-you menus, service agreements, press releases, and more!

Nutritional Assessment Sheet Done-For-You

Assessment with all the unique questions you need to ask when cooking for your clients.

Signature Sample Done-For-You menu

You can use with over 100 options to offer to your clients.

Sample Service Agreements

Professional but simple to show you how to be clear with services without burdening your client with unnecessary things.

Sample Personal Chef Equipment Checklist

Ensuring you're well-prepared to deliver exceptional culinary experiences

Email Sales Script

To help you effectively communicate with inquiring clients.

Sample Business Plan

Outline your business making the path to success clear

Sample Press Release and Press Release Secrets for Personal Chefs

Elevate your brand presence with our Sample Press Release and exclusive Press Release Secrets for Personal Chefs

Embrace the Journey of Becoming a Personal Chef!

Embrace the Shift: A New Era of Culinary Excellence

In a world transformed by the pandemic which thrust the culinary industry into the chaos of staffing shortages, supply chain issues, and more, the hospitality industry has been profoundly impacted, leaving restaurants grappling to survive.

As more individuals opt to dine within the familiarity of their homes, one thing remains crystal clear: bland and low-quality food simply won't cut it.

Today, more than ever, discerning palates crave the impeccable blend of homemade goodness, mouthwatering flavors, and wholesome nutrition that rival the finest restaurant offerings – all enjoyed from the cozy confines of home.

The Prosperous Personal Chef Academy will show you how to take your culinary skills and use them to start a successful long-term chef business keeping your clients happy for years to come.


Embrace a Thriving Clientele with Unique Needs and Exquisite Palates

Open up a world of opportunities as a personal chef, serving a wide range of clients who are eagerly seeking your culinary expertise.

Here are just a few examples:

Busy individuals with dietary restrictions or food allergies

Provide delectable meals tailored to their unique dietary needs, ensuring both satisfaction and peace of mind.

Professional athletes with specialized diets

Fuel their rigorous training regimens with nutritionally balanced and flavorful dishes that optimize their performance.

CEOs, busy professionals, and executives

Offer a premium culinary experience that caters to their demanding schedules, providing them with gourmet meals without sacrificing precious time.

Active seniors who love to entertain

Delight their guests with exquisite gourmet creations, tailored to their refined taste buds and passion for hosting memorable gatherings.

Busy families seeking healthy and delicious meals

Become their culinary savior, providing nourishing and mouthwatering dishes that save them time and effort in the kitchen.

These are just a glimpse of the potential clients eagerly awaiting your expertise and dedication. The opportunities abound, limited only by your culinary imagination.

Tap Into Your Potential as a Personal Chef

Profit from lucrative gigs: Earn $500 to $1000+ per booking.

Unlock industry knowledge and success secrets.

Take charge as your own boss, building a thriving enterprise.

Embrace culinary freedom and passion.

Step into a future of limitless success and recognition.

Be The Boss:

Say Goodbye to Shift Covers and Time-Off Requests!

Build a Decades-Long Profitable Business: Enjoy Flexibility, Family Time, and Stress-free Living

These Claims Are Bold

With my extensive experience in the food service and catering industry, I have witnessed the full spectrum of challenges and triumphs. Allow me to introduce myself before diving deeper into the possibilities I can share with you.


I’m Chef Jessica Leibovich

I have been a chef for over 20 years, but I have loved cooking ever since I started passionately serving pancakes to my family at age 6.

Even at that age, I would say to my dad that we should start our own pancake restaurant. That just sounded like so much fun to just cook pancakes for people.

I caught the love of cooking (and eating) good food early in my life. I love the fact that food brings people together and it’s the star of many happy memories. As I am sure you would agree, it brings me joy to bring amazing experiences to my friends, family, and clients.

I spent my entire childhood cooking for others...

As a Latchkey kid, I was making myself steak after school at 12. In high school, I started cooking more and more. I remember the day in my senior year when I whipped up something delicious for my friends out of our bare refrigerator, my best friend said unexpectedly, “Jess, you should be a chef.” I told her: “You are right, I should be a chef!” I figured, why not make a career out of something that I love doing? And so taking up culinary studies for college became an easy choice. I settled on Johnson and Wales in Charleston, SC. It was all very natural and I loved every moment at culinary school. I graduated Magna Cum Laude in Culinary Arts from Johnson and Wales University, and decided to further my culinary education in La Varenne Ecole de Cuisine Burgundy France way back in 1997. When I left France, I moved to San Diego and started putting my education to use.

I SPENT 3 YEARS AS A SOUS CHEF FOR A HIGH-END CATERING COMPANY WHERE WE DID INCREDIBLE EVENTS FOR CELEBRITIES, MILLIONAIRES, AND POLITICIANS. I LEARNED SOME PHENOMENAL SKILLS AND WORKED SO HARD TO MAKE THE EVENTS SPECTACULAR. However, I also learned some hard lessons from the culinary industry. I worked long hours and it seemed all I heard was the bad stuff even though the parties were star-studded and over-the-top amazing. The company got out of paying me overtime when we had busy weeks and I worked 14-hour days. Ultimately, I was broke and stressed out at the age of 22. I felt overworked and underpaid. I was burnt out.

Enough was enough.

Bone-tired and mentally exhausted, I craved a change. That change came in the form of an article my family sent me about personal chefs. It sounded like a dream job, and my intuition screamed, "This is your path." Thus, Entree Nous was born in January 2000.

Launching my personal chef business took me on an incredible journey of career growth, aligning perfectly with my lifestyle.

Why do I love it so much? Let me count the ways:

I control my schedule, taking time off as needed.

My income isn't confined to hourly limitations.

Quality family time is non-negotiable.

I cater to both regular families and famous clients.

My health thrives because I prioritize time off.

But let's rewind. Starting a business is a whole new ball game. Looking back, I wish someone had guided me through the intricacies of running a personal chef business. Kick-ass cooking skills were just the tip of the iceberg. Maybe you're where I once was—passionate about cooking but clueless about where to begin.

If you're nodding along, I get it. I started with the same uncertainties. After two decades of navigating the highs and lows, I've distilled the wisdom of what works and what doesn't.

Ready to turn your culinary passion into a thriving business?

Let me guide you through the recipe for success.

I thought cooking for a family would be a breeze after cooking for hundreds or even thousands of people as a Sous Chef.

Sadly, that was NOT the case at all.

That is why I created my Comprehensive Program for Aspiring Personal Chefs


The Prosperous Personal Chef Academy

This isn't your typical cooking program. You already possess the culinary skills and knowledge.

But here's the key: The Prosperous Personal Chef Academy is designed to equip you with the essential tools and strategies to start and successfully run your own personal chef business. It's your fast track to unlocking your dream life and income.

You might wonder, "Isn't my culinary education enough?

What will I gain from this program? Can't I find the information online?"

Well, here's the truth: Yes, you can spend countless hours in trial and error, learning from your mistakes along the way. But why go through the costly and time-consuming process of figuring it all out on your own?

Learn from my mistakes. With years of experience in the food industry, including catering extravagant events at prestigious venues, I thought cooking for smaller households would be a breeze. However, I quickly discovered that it presented unique challenges I hadn't anticipated.

So, let me emphasize it once more...

I’ve worked in the food industry for several years before deciding to venture into a personal chef business.

I did the most elegant events for a hundreds or more. We did events at art galleries, mansions, outdoor parks, and more.

I thought cooking for a family of 4 or a couple would be a breeze…


Nothing could have prepared me for what I got myself into.

You can't be a Personal Chef with just cooking skills alone. You need to have some business, marketing, and interpersonal skills.

Here are the things that I will teach in my program

MODULE 1: How Can You Earn Revenue as a Personal Chef?
  • Understand how incorporating multiple revenue sources contributes to financial stability.
  • Gain an understanding of the various revenue streams available to personal chefs.
  • Understand how incorporating multiple revenue sources contributes to financial stability.
  • Discover how tailoring revenue strategies to your unique skills can lead to success in the personal chef industry.
MODULE 2: Who are the Different Types of Clients as a Personal Chef?
  • Gain the flexibility to adapt to changing industry demands by understanding and meeting the expectations of various client types.
  • Understand the nuances of working with different client profiles, improving your ability to build strong and lasting relationships.
  • Discover how knowing various client categories opens up new markets and opportunities for your personal chef business.
  • Explore the benefits of catering to specific client needs, allowing you to offer specialized services that set you apart.
  • Enhance your understanding in catering to a diverse range of clients, broadening your professional capabilities.
MODULE 3: Creating Your Menus
  • Explore how mastering menu planning allows you to offer a diverse range of culinary creations, catering to various tastes and preferences.
  • Understand how well-crafted menus contribute to client satisfaction, fostering long-term relationships and repeat business.
  • Explore the concept of crafting signature menus, establishing a unique brand identity for your personal chef services.
  • Learn how effective menu planning enables you to accommodate various dietary preferences, expanding your client base.
  • Recognize how your menu serves as a compelling marketing tool, attracting new customers and engaging their interest with visually appealing and enticing culinary offerings.
MODULE 4: Packaging, Labeling, and Heating Instructions
  • Understand how well-packaged and labeled meals create positive impressions, fostering client loyalty and encouraging repeat business.
  • Learn techniques to package meals for optimal freshness, preserving the quality of your culinary creations.
  • Explore how unique and well-packaged offerings set you apart in the market, creating a distinctive identity for your personal chef services.
MODULE 5: Tools and Equipment for Your Chef Business
  • Learn how to make informed and cost-effective decisions when acquiring tools and equipment, maximizing your budget for a profitable business.
  • Understand how having the right tools enhances the quality of your culinary creations, contributing to client satisfaction and positive feedback.
  • Discover the right tools and equipment to streamline your workflow, optimizing efficiency in meal preparation and service.
MODULE 6: Time Management and Food Safety Principles
  • Develop effective time management strategies to optimize your workflow, ensuring efficient meal preparation and timely service.
  • Learn how mastering time management enhances your reliability, meeting client deadlines and commitments with consistency.
  • Understand the role of effective time management in minimizing stress and preventing burnout, promoting a sustainable and balanced personal chef business.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of food safety principles, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.
  • Mastering effective time management not only reduces disorganization but also opens the door to managing more business efficiently, ultimately increasing your revenue potential.
MODULE 7: Pricing Your Chef Services
  • Learn effective strategies for setting prices that ensure profitability and sustainability for your personal chef business.
  • Understand how transparent communication of your pricing builds trust with clients, fostering positive relationships.
  • Learn the concept of value-based pricing, emphasizing the unique value and quality of your culinary services in your pricing structure.
  • Understand how to analyze costs effectively and optimize pricing to ensure a healthy profit margin while remaining competitive.
MODULE 8: The Legalities of Your Business
  • Learn how to identify and mitigate potential legal risks associated with your business, safeguarding your operation and reputation.
  • Explore the importance of clear and comprehensive contracts in protecting both you and your clients, establishing expectations and boundaries.
  • Understand the tax obligations specific to personal chefs, ensuring proper financial management and compliance with tax laws.
  • Explore the benefits of obtaining appropriate insurance coverage for your personal chef business, providing financial protection in unforeseen circumstances.
  • Learn the optimal sequence for establishing your personal chef business, ensuring a well-organized and cost-effective setup that saves both time and resources.
MODULE 9: Establishing an Online Presence
  • Learn how to interact with clients effectively through digital channels, turning online engagements into real-world business opportunities.
  • Utilize SEO techniques to ensure your personal chef business appears at the top of online search results, increasing visibility and attracting more inquiries.
  • Master social media marketing to create a buzz around your personal chef business, driving growth and engagement with your target audience.
  • Craft a professional and captivating brand image online, making your personal chef services stand out and leaving a lasting impression.
  • Unlock strategies to expand your personal chef business's reach online, attracting a larger audience and increasing your potential client base.

MODULE 10: Marketing for Long Term Success
  • Learn to create and implement a strategic content plan, producing valuable material that engages your audience and establishes your expertise.
  • Explore the benefits of crafting impactful email campaigns, building and maintaining relationships with clients for sustained success.
  • Learn to create and execute successful referral programs, leveraging satisfied clients to expand your personal chef services through word-of-mouth.
  • Gain insights into staying updated on marketing trends, ensuring your strategies remain effective and relevant in the evolving landscape.
  • Develop strategies for consistent brand messaging, fostering recognition and trust among your target audience over the long term.

The Prosperous Personal Chef Academy is for you if...

You’ve finished any form of culinary education and you want to take the business route instead of being an employee in a restaurant or catering company.

​You’re someone who loves to cook, gets fulfilled cooking for friends and family, and now you want to monetize that fascination for food, without taking away the therapeutic joy in cooking brought by stress in meal prepping and all that jazz in between. (Yes, I personally know a lot of personal chefs who have no formal culinary education, and had their fair share of trial and error, but now they’re slayin’ at it!)

​You already have a small-scale food business, and you want to unlock the mystery of the personal chef business, so you can leap over to a higher level of income.

It can be a very profitable industry if you know how to work smart and keep your clients happy.

You’re already a decorated chef, you’ve risen from the ranks and made your way into being a sous chef or executive chef, but you now want to start your own business to have more control of your time, health, and financial situation.

You have experience in cooking or meal preparation, but you haven’t quite figured out how to make it profitable because you don’t know the correct way of costing, preparing food, packaging, pricing your service, client-getting, and client-retention.

Having a personal chef is going to become more mainstream every day.

Having someone help with the cooking and shopping is needed more than ever before...


Take the First Step Today towards Your Future!

  • Picture this: People yearn for healthier, customized options that leave them feeling refreshed and nourished.
  • Imagine the peace of mind of knowing every ingredient is high quality and fresh, catering to those who prioritize their well-being.
  • Here's a secret: People crave high-end culinary experiences without the restaurant drama. A chef is superior in quality, service, and they don't need to leave their house!
  • We all know someone with specific food allergies who needs tailored meals to keep them safe and satisfied. Only a personal chef can offer the high level service to cater to the needs of these individuals.
  • Let's face it: Many of us battle health challenges, and having the right support through customized meals can make all the difference in being successful in reaching goals.
  • Oh, those picky eaters! Families can relate to the challenge of pleasing everyone's taste buds while ensuring nutritious meals.
  • And guess what? Saving clients time and food waste by grocery shopping is more important that you might think. People are ready for the convenience of having their meals taken care of and do not want to throw away food they purchased.

Discover Your Vital Skill That Can Make a Difference in People's Lives

There are clients out there who desperately need someone to take care of the heavy lifting – the planning, shopping, prepping, and cooking – because they lack the time or simply prefer not to do it themselves.

But here's the remarkable part: Meal prepping is just one avenue through which you can earn as a personal chef. In my comprehensive course, we will explore numerous ways to supplement your income, tailored to your preferences and your clients' needs.

I've been there, done it all, and let me tell you, the rewards are incredible. Not only do you enjoy a great income, but you also benefit from free advertising for your business.

The possibilities to earn money are endless, and the freedom you'll experience is unparalleled. Join me on this exciting journey as a prosperous personal chef, and let's unlock your full potential together.

  • Establish a Strong Foundation: Legally set up your business and protect yourself from potential issues.
  • Craft an Irresistible Menu: Create a diverse menu that caters to various tastes and preferences.
  • Personalize for Perfection: Customize your services with preference sheets tailored to each customer.
  • Master Mindset and Strategy: Develop the winning mindset and strategies for personal chef success.
  • Boost Your Online Presence: Leverage web presence and effective marketing to attract clients.
  • Build Your Recipe Database: Curate a collection of recipes that showcase your culinary expertise.
  • Unleash Effective Marketing: Learn the key elements of successful marketing campaigns.
  • Optimize Tools and Packaging: Enhance presentation and delivery with the right tools and packaging.
  • Prioritize Food Safety and Preparation: Ensure safety and perfection with thorough practices.
  • Strategize for Growth: Attract and retain clients with strategic approaches.
  • Embark on a transformative journey to unlock your potential and thrive as a personal chef.

Irresistible Bonuses to Level Up Your Personal Chef Business

Done-for-You 4-Page Preference Assessment Sheet: Get access to my perfected longevity assessment questionnaire, designed to impress your prospects and set you apart from the rookies. No need to waste time figuring out what to ask – I've done the heavy lifting for you.

Sample Menu with Over 100 Options: Skip the menu creation process and start your business right away. Utilize my ready-made sample menu with a wide range of choices to offer your clients.

Done-for-You Price List/Structure: Say goodbye to pricing confusion. I'll provide you with a comprehensive price list and structure, eliminating the guesswork and ensuring you charge what you're worth.

Proven Email Sales Script: Take advantage of my tested and proven email sales script to effortlessly communicate with potential clients, increasing your chances of securing bookings.

Done For You Press Release: Elevate your personal chef business with a comprehensive Done for You Press Release Guide, designed to help you effortlessly craft and distribute compelling press releases that showcase your culinary expertise and attract media attention.

Don't miss out on these game-changing bonuses that will streamline your business and propel your success. It's time to take action and level up as a prosperous personal chef.

No need to spend hours crafting a menu or wasting mental energy. I've got you covered with a ready-made menu, nutritional assessment, heating instructions, service agreements, and MORE!!!

You can kickstart your business right away. Get started ASAP and save time. You're welcome!

Say Goodbye to Pricing Confusion!

I've been asked about pricing countless times, and now I'm offering you the solution. Let's address the pricing elephant in the room together. Access my expertise and pricing strategies to maximize your earnings. It's yours for the taking. You're welcome.

Level Up Your Culinary Career:

Become a Prosperous Personal Chef!



Unlock Your Potential: Build a Lucrative Business and Leave the Shiftwork Behind!

Starting a business may seem risky and daunting, especially when the security of a steady paycheck and benefits are at stake. But if you're tired of exhausting 10-12-hour workdays and yearn to break free from your limitations, it's time to turn your dreams into reality.

With my program, you'll discover how to skyrocket your income by 5x and become renowned as one of the top personal chefs in your area. It's not just about acquiring clients; I'll teach you how to keep them for the long haul.

I want your clients to adore both you and your culinary creations. By achieving this, you'll have job security like never before. And the best part? Just one client will cover the cost of this course, ensuring a swift return on your investment.

Don't let fear hold you back any longer. Embrace this opportunity for financial freedom and professional success. Take the leap, and let's make your culinary dreams a lucrative reality!


Begin Your Success Story Now!

Will there be a refund if this doesn't work?
  • This program is filled with proprietary information that will save you hours of time and get you up and running faster than anything else so I cannot offer a refund.
Other Personal Chef Master courses are worth $1000 with even fewer mofules, why is this program very affordable? What's the catch?
  • There’s no “catch” or any hidden agenda. I want to fast track your success, I don’t want money to be an obstacle.
What if I didn't go to Culinary School, will this program work for me?
  • YES. You will have the most benefit in this course. Truth be told, the majority of personal chefs did not have the privilege of attending culinary school. Their love for cooking anchored them to start the business.

Because this business won’t thrive with just cooking skills alone, my goal is to save you from all the trial & error that leads to more headaches and wasted money.

While culinary school teaches you the art and skill of cooking, this course will be more focused on running the business. After this course, you will be way ahead than the professionally-trained chefs when it comes to running a personal chef business.

Because this business won’t thrive with just cooking skills alone, my goal is to save you from all the trial & error that leads to more headaches and wasted money.

While culinary school teaches you the art and skill of cooking, this course will be more focused on running the business. After this course, you will be way ahead than the professionally-trained chefs when it comes to running a personal chef business.


Embrace Your Destiny as a Prosperous Personal Chef